The Team

Picture of Lucie PageauLucie Pageau is a producer and director of documentary and fiction films and Vice-President of Productions Multi-Monde since 1991, After studying film and communications, she started making educational videos for women's groups, and coordinated video training courses. Since then, Lucie Pageau has produced some twenty documentaries, including the Rebel Musics collection and Bledi, This is My Home. She has several projects currently underway and works closely with scriptwriters and directors to support them in the development phase. She is interested in building public awareness about various social and political issues.

Picture of Marcelo RiverosMarcelo Riveros worked for several years at the press department of the Television Nacional de Chile (TVN) as cameraman, sound recordist and producer. He left his country to seek new challenges, broaden his horizons and develop new professional skills. He worked as a photographer for the Washington Post, as soundman for a dramatic feature film, and as cameraman for several production companies in advertising and documentary. He has lived in Quebec for the past five years and is focusing on the documentary genre, supporting social causes, and honing his skills as a director of photography.

Picture of Iphigénie Marcoux-FortierIphigénie Marcoux-Fortier became involved in documentary after studying communications with a major in interactive multi-media. She co-directed and co-produced the medium-length work entitled Quand reviens-tu? (When will you return?), and then put her skills to use in several documentary productions, including Mirage of El Dorado, acting as researcher, sound recordist, camera operator, assistant editor and production and post-production coordinator. She is currently co-directing and producing a documentary about Mexican migrant workers going north.

Picture of Guillermo López PérezGuillermo López Pérez was born the 14th of February 1972 in México City. Since 2000, Guillermo has been working as cinema editor and technician on documentaries and feature films. In 2007, he received Merit Award at the SuperFest of San Francisco, for his first documentary, CARMELA, which was also screened in festivals in New York and Calgary. The last three years, he has been collaborating with various directors, such as Mary Ellen Davis, Diego Briceño Orduz and Carlos Ferrand, and working as editor for their films.

Picture of Cristobal Tapia de VeerCristobal Tapia de Veer was born in Chili in 1973 during the military coup d'état and fled with his mother to Paris before returning to Chili. The political situation did not improve in the 1980's and his family left to live in Canada. He studied classical music at the Conservatoire de Musique de Québec where he obtained a master's degree. Since then, he has devoted himself to popular music as a composer, director, sound mixer and instrumentalist.