CerAmony hails from the James Bay Region of Canada. CerAmony has quite a resume when it comes to where they've played live and what they've been able to accomplish. From the CBC's True North Concert back in 2003 to playing at the Canadian Aboriginal Awards both in 2003 and 4. But the pride comes when they've been able to play for their Cree people in the James Bay communities. The Band started out back in 2002 formed by it's original members Pakesso Mukash and Matthew Iserhoff. As youth, they grew up involved in the political issues facing their First Nations, that were negotiating the famous (or infamous) James Bay and Northern Quebec Treaty. CerAmony are striving to be Ambassadors to the Cree Nation. "Our music tries to reflect the integrity of the Cree Culture and Values. We will ALWAYS belong to our People."

Matthew A. Iserhoff, Lead Singer
Pakesso Mukash, Rap/Background Vocals and Guitars
James Bay, Quebec, residing in Montreal for now.
Record label: Creedom


CerAmony's award-winning first album is available on itunes!