The End of the Documentary? · Montreal Serai

a comment by Marie Boti & Malcolm Guy

FDI - children Baguio

Still from film “The End of Immigration”

As we prepare to release our latest documentary, The End of Immigration? we wonder whether it will be our last, with the new round of funding cuts from the federal government that has this sector reeling. The hunger for documentaries is higher that ever as people search for critical analysis to understand the forces shaping the world and their role in changing it. The government appears desperate to gag media and other sources that stimulate this reflection, including education and culture.

Our film The End of Immigration? signals the end of an era in the way this country was built, with its increased reliance on temporary foreign workers – “rent a workers”, compared with the 1950’s when our own working class parents came to Canada as immigrants. Are we simultaneously witnessing the end of the documentary, and documentary financing that made Canada a founder and pillar of this art form?

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