My experience at Argentina Women’s Encuentro in Patagonia


Marie Boti (green scarf) with friends holding International Women's Alliance banner.

15,000 Grassroots Women Gather at the End of the World

by Marie Boti

Bariloche, Patagonia, October 2011. Open desert, tufts of prairie grass, flat landscape—it looks like the Alberta badlands. But we are at the fin del mundo, the “end of the world” in the south of Argentina. I’m on a 6-hour bus ride, following a 15-hour plane trip from Quito, Ecuador. My plane could not land in Bariloche because of ash fall from an active Chilean volcano upwind. The sun is shining but low clouds are gathering. It’s a typical spring day in October.

It is evening when I finally arrive in the resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia. This picturesque town in the Nahuel Whapi National Park is the location of the 26th Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres de Argentina. Fifteen thousand grass roots women have travelled up to 40 hours by bus to attend. The Encuentro takes place in a different location each year, but on the same long weekend, a school holiday, making the schools available for the Encuentro’s workshops and lodging.

See article on Canadian Dimension website:

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