Être chinois au Québec ready to hit the big screen

After three years work and many adventures, the feature-length documentary, Être chinois au Québec (Being Chinese in Quebec), is ready to present to the public.

Hing Dere Head Tax CertificateDirected by Malcolm Guy and William Ging Wee Dere and presenting Parker Mah and Bethany Or, the film follows a road movie adventure across Québec to take the pulse of the Chinese community in the wake of the 2006 apology by the Canadian government for the serious past injustices of the head tax and Exclusion Act.

Edited by Meiyen Chan and complemented by the music of Quebec-based musicians Janet Lumb, Gino Diancola and Kid Koala, this surprising and revealing film is 70 min in length and is sub-titled in French and English. A shorter version of the film will be broadcast by Canal D later this year. The film was produced for Productions Multi-Monde by Malcolm Guy and Marlene Edoyan. The producers would like to take this occasion to thank all those who have helped make this film a reality, with a special recognition to our community advisers, May Chiu and Walter Tom.

We are planning to tour with the film visiting schools and community groups in 2013. If you would like to participate in the tour or would like to acquire a copy of the film for institutional or educational use, please contact Marie Boti at our distributor, Diffusion Multi-Monde. DVDs for individual use will be available in March 2013 via the Diffusion Multi-Monde website.

Malcolm Guy
Co-director / Producer

Original article appeared on Être chinois au Québec blog: http://etrechinoisauquebec.net/
Also see Être chinois au Québec Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/etrechinoisauquebec/

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