The End of the Documentary? · Montreal Serai

a comment by Marie Boti & Malcolm Guy

Still from film “The End of Immigration”

As we prepare to release our latest documentary, The End of Immigration? we wonder whether it will be our last, with the new round of funding cuts from the federal government that has this sector reeling. The hunger for […]

“The end of immigration?” – a review · Montreal Serai

Film review by Rana Bose (Montreal Serai) of newest documentary by Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy

Still from The End of Immigration?

The wind beats against a high telecom tower in Quebec. The camera finds a man on top of the tower, hard hat, safety glasses on. Several hundred feet or perhaps a […]

Megweetch, where ever you are, dear Claude (1953-2012)

I first met Claude Otter when I worked at the CBC-Radio Canada in Montreal during the 1980s. I was the researcher on the early morning show and I would meet him coming out of the Cree-language show just down the hall. I enjoyed his infectious smile and laugh, his eager willingness to pull my leg, […]

Quebec Student Strike enters week 13: ILPS statement in support

Student Strike Week 13: Quebec students are rejecting government’s inadequate offer despite fact it was presented under threat of 200,000+ students losing academic year. Students are getting an education in politics, struggle and the anti-people nature of the capitalist system that will last them a lifetime! At this time, wanted to share this recent statement […]

My experience at Argentina Women’s Encuentro in Patagonia

Marie Boti (green scarf) with friends holding International Women's Alliance banner.

15,000 Grassroots Women Gather at the End of the World

by Marie Boti

Bariloche, Patagonia, October 2011. Open desert, tufts of prairie grass, flat landscape—it looks like the Alberta badlands. But we are at the fin del mundo, the “end of the world” […]