Être chinois au Québec ready to hit the big screen

After three years work and many adventures, the feature-length documentary, Être chinois au Québec (Being Chinese in Quebec), is ready to present to the public.

Directed by Malcolm Guy and William Ging Wee Dere and presenting Parker Mah and Bethany Or, the film follows a road movie adventure across Québec to take the pulse of […]

The End of the Documentary? · Montreal Serai

a comment by Marie Boti & Malcolm Guy

Still from film “The End of Immigration”

As we prepare to release our latest documentary, The End of Immigration? we wonder whether it will be our last, with the new round of funding cuts from the federal government that has this sector reeling. The hunger for […]

“The end of immigration?” – a review · Montreal Serai

Film review by Rana Bose (Montreal Serai) of newest documentary by Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy

Still from The End of Immigration?

The wind beats against a high telecom tower in Quebec. The camera finds a man on top of the tower, hard hat, safety glasses on. Several hundred feet or perhaps a thousand […]

Return to Manila: featuring Elenita Ordonez

The Making of a Global Disposable Workforce

and the rise of Canada’s “Rent-a-worker” program

by Malcolm Guy and Marie Boti

A sea change is underway in Canada as the country shifts away from traditional immigration towards a “rent a worker” policy all too prevalent around the globe. And it is taking place without public debate or official announcements.

November 2010, Puerto Vallarta, […]