The Making of a Global Disposable Workforce

and the rise of Canada’s “Rent-a-worker” program

by Malcolm Guy and Marie Boti

A sea change is underway in Canada as the country shifts away from traditional immigration towards a “rent a worker” policy all too prevalent around the globe. And it is taking place without public debate or official announcements.

November 2010, Puerto Vallarta, […]

Of Medicine and Dialectics

a review article by William Ging Wee Dere*

DR. DAYA VARMA’S book, The Art and Science of Healing Since Antiquity, is fascinating, rich, and full of insights into the history, science, political economy, cultural and social aspects of medicine. It is a people’s history of medicine and a refreshingly non-Eurocentric view of medical science. It […]

Untangling OFWs, Happiness, and Coke . [Or Why a Coca-Cola Advert is Short Circuiting My Brain]

This excellent article was written by Toronto-based BAYAN-Canada spokesperson, radio host and photographer, Alex Felipe.

*this note is written as a response to a Coke viral ad titled “Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project.” Unfortunately the video cannot be attached on to this note, so I am adding screenshots for images, to […]