Checkpoint Bethlehem from our friend Beth

15 December 2010

Greetings of PEACE from the birthplace of Christ, the “house of bread,” the little town of Bethlehem!

At 4a.m. Bethlehem is cold and dark, but a bright moon lights our way at the Checkpoint 300/Gilo: where our friends from Ecumenical Accompaniment Program for Palestine and Israel-EAPPI met us. We were 27 women […]

Free the 43! Excellent video from friends in British Columbia, Canada

December 18, 2010 — Great news, 33 of the 43 health care workers in the Philippines have been released today, a result of their determination and strength and strong local and international support!


December 8, 2010 — Excellent video production from our friends in British Columbia on the story of the 43+ health workers […]

Call to International Networks in Support of Morong 43 and All Political prisoners in the Philippines

On Friday, December 3, 2010, the Morong 43 started their hunger strike for freedom. December 6, 2010 would be the 10th month of their illegal arrest and detention.

We demand their immediate and unconditional release. The 43 health workers, who were attending a grassroots medical training, are victims of illegal search, arrest, detention and torture. […]