Outcry over weapons used in Gaza – Al Jazeera

Medics working in the Gaza Strip have condemned Israel’s use of suspected “new weapons” that inflict horrific injuries they say most surgeons will not have seen before.

Dr Jan Brommundt, a German doctor working for Medecins du Monde in the south Gazan city of Khan Younis, described the injuries he had seen as “absolutely gruesome”.


Cessez le siège de Gaza / End the siege of Gaza / انهاء الحصار على غزة – ACJC

Forty-two people, including children, were killed in an Israeli air strike on this United Nations-run school in the Gaza Strip, January 6, 2009.

Media Communiqué Alliance de Canadiens/nes juifs/ves consternés/es 9 janvier 2009


L’Alliance de Canadiens juifs consternés rejette les prétentions du gouvernement d’Israël, qui veut laisser croire qu’il […]

ei: Obama’s deadly silence

Barack Obama is presented with a t-shirt by Sderot mayor Eli Moyal as Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak (left) looks on after inspecting homemade Palestinian rockets during his visit to the southern Israeli town last year. (David Silverman/Getty Images)

Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 2 January 2009

“I would like to […]

Israel – an imperialist outpost in oil country

In the face of the brutal Israeli reoccupation of Gaza presently underway, here is a short article I wrote in 2006 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. I was in the Philippines at the time as many families frantically tried to get their loved ones out of Lebanon, where 40,000 Filipinos were working as migrants. […]