Reaction to screening of The End of Immigration? in Ottawa

Educator Nick Falvo sends along these comments after presenting The End of Immgration ? (a film by Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy) in Ottawa:

FDI-Stills-Rigger 320x203I showed this powerful documentary to a class of third-year social policy students in Carleton University’s School of Social Work. It was an excellent way to begin a class discussion on employment and unemployment in Canada.

For me, the documentary’s most important component is its nuanced illustration of the fact that the current federal government is working very hard to create an ’employer’s labour market’ that includes as many desperate and docile workers as possible. This drives down the wage and weakens worker power.

But is also offers a glimpse of the fact that workers will only take so much–that they will fight back, even when very vulnerable.


Nick Falvo
PhD Candidate (Public Policy)
Carleton University

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