The End of Immigration ? in Tunisia

The End of Immigration? in Tunisia

The End of Immigration? was selected for the first edition of the HUMAN SCREEN FESTIVAL in Tunis December 6-9, 2012.

Malcolm Guy, co-director, was invited to present the film and respond to questions after the screening. Malcolm will also sit on the Festival Jury for Short films.

The HUMAN SCREEN FESTIVAL was set up in the wake of the Arab spring, as mentioned on the Festival’s website:
“Dignity and Freedom were at the heart of the Tunisian revolution. After many years living under a repressive authoritarian regime, Tunisia will, we hope, establish a system of political reforms that make individual freedom and human rights a priority.” (our translation).

Please visit the Festival web site for more information:

For more information about The End of Immigration?, please contact
Marie Boti @ Diffusion Multi-Monde

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