The End of Immigration? stirs discussion at Edmonton Film Fest

The world premiere of the documentary The End of Immigration ? drew in over 100 people, migrant workers, advocates and the general theatre – going public at the Edmonton International Film Festival on Sunday, September 30. Filmmaker Marie Boti was present for the discussion afterwards, along wth Yessy Byl, a labour lawyer and temporary foreign worker advocate, and Danilo DeLeon, a temporary foreign worker and former Justice for Janitors campaigner, both featured in the film.

The questions and comments indicated that the film had succeeded in raising awareness about a troubling paradigm shift in Canada’s immigration system towards a privatized, employer-driven and temporary workforce with little chance of staying permanently in Canada.

The discussion helped to dispell some myths, like migrants taking advantage of Canada’s social services. As Danilo De Leon said : « we are paying into all of the social services, including the Canada Pension Plan, which we will never benefit from ». Many people were shocked by the exploitation of migrant workers they saw, and felt compelled to do something about it.

In the words of Jim Olsen, a retired teacher, who sent his comments in writing,
« This impressive production has an impactful and sensitive message regarding the injustices being suffered by thousands of temporary, ‘non-skilled’ foreign workers in our country. It reveals a mushrooming labor phenomenon in our exploitive world of capitalism which needs to be exposed, addressed and corrected for the sake of human rights and human dignity… I hope many, many Albertans and Canadians witness this film and this appeal . . . the sooner the better, so that we can perhaps help make a difference. »

The film will be premiering in French in Montreal on October 2.
For more information and to check for other screenings, please consult the web site and FB page, ( , Face Book- The End of Immigration) or contact the filmmakers to arrange screenings in your community.

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